GWE Leadership

Mike Hopkins – Board President

Mike’s career was in Silicon Valley where he worked for a variety of tech companies, both startups and well-established organizations, as an IT executive. Now retired, Mike brings a set of business organization skills to The Global Warming Express and a passion for bringing kids into the conversation about climate change. Mike’s goal for GWE is to grow the program to reach the entire state of New Mexico and eventually to make it a national program through partnerships with other non-profits.

Bobbe Besold – Board Director

Bobbe Besold is an artist, educator and activist working in all media (including visual art, installation, prop and set design, writing and public art), whose work focuses on ecological and social issues. She holds a BFA and did extensive Masters studies at VSW, Coach House Press, A Space and with the Hummer Sisters. One of her public art projects in Santa Fe is the St Francis Underpass, “Watershed. ” Her community engagement projects have included public and private schools (at all levels), multiple community groups such as the Santa Fe Railyard, Wise Fool NM, Warehouse 21, Audubon, Sierra Club, New Energy Economy, Wildearth Guardians,, GlobalWE and many others.

Esha Chiocchio – Board Director

Esha is a sustainability consultant and serves on the Sustainable Santa Fe Commission, where she chairs the energy committee. She is the author of Forest and Water Climate Adaptation: A Plan for Santa Fe and a founding member of Got Sol, a volunteer organization that promotes renewable energy. She is also a documentary photographer who has worked internationally for numerous publications, including National Geographic and Newsweek. Chiocchio served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali, West Africa, and holds BAs from the University of Colorado in Anthropology and French and an MA from Goddard College in Sustainable Communities. She is the mother of Zubin and Ciela.


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... is a By Kids / For Kids Think Tank Program for kids ages 8-12. The program is designed to be mentored by grownups, but powered by kids, who decide what Small Goals and Big Goals they want to accomplish.

The Global Warming Express is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, based in New Mexico..


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